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1) Finished off one of the WHS courses. Sent for marking. Win. 2) Exercised. Xbox fitness working today. Win 3) Wrote 500 words of The Cull. Fucking massive win.

What goes here

1) Didn't do WHS, stayed home due to hayfever (or whatever it is that has plagued me for 18 years) 2) Couldn't do Xbox Fitness due to an Azure error. Did Dance Central instead. 3) Monday night is cooking night, so having trouble finding the time to write. Or it could be procrastination. Might have to rejig things to get writing in on Saturday, maybe? It's hard to see myself doing that. 4) Nothing to report on any of the other blogs.


1) Failed to do my WHS work 2) Worked out, 20 minutes of Dance Central. Actually broke a sweat, so it's an option when I tire of the Xbox fitness routines. 3) Did more work on The Cull. Need to come up with some character names.

What have I achieved today?

1) I've decided to make this blog the dry chronicle of daily success and failure. 2) The ramblings will continue at  Sleeping Not Thinking 3) Worked out 4) Bought Scrivener for PC. 5) Started project for short story: The Cull 6) Copied notes about The Cull into project. 7) Updated Sleeping Not Thinking 8) Updated this blog. 9) Allowed myself to feel smug.


What will I use this for?