Things I had forgotten

1) This blog. No, really. is up for renewal and I came here to see what, if anything, I was doing with it.
2) That I was using it as a progress diary. Doesn't even sound like me! But what a great idea!
3) The Cull. It's the first story idea on my list of story ideas, but I haven't even looked at that list for yonks. I had forgotten the idea and had forgotten I had started to write the fucking thing! I reinstalled Scrivener just to open the file back up to read it. Crap, complete crap. BUT, there's some promise there and, zarquon if I could just get back into writing. I enjoy it so.
4) I want to write. Be a writer. Do those thing. Do ALL the things.
5) No seriously, I had forgotten it all. I think there may be something wrong with my brain.

So, the question is: Do I use this newly (re)discovered progress blog to try and springboard into a writing habit again?

That really is a question. The question. Capital THE and all that.

It's worth some pondering. So pondering is the progress.

Until next time (will it be over two years? - stay tuned. No, don't do that. It could be never, let's face it).


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